This is a map of energy consumption in the City of Bristol.

Choose one of the options at the top to see pins showing the LSOA (lower layer supper output areas - statistical areas containing between 1000 and 3000 people and between 400 and 1200 households, see here . These are updated after each census to reflect changes in population, the numbers E0101**** are from the 2001 census and mostly exist in the 2011 census, but 25 extra areas E0103**** have been added due to changes since 2001.

Pins are coloured according to the relevant value eg gas consumption, with red being the highest followed by yellow, green, blue and purple. If you click on a pin you will see the data associated with that area, and the relevant measure will be added to the bar chart at the bottom left of the map. Changing metric, or selecting the same metric again, will clear the chart.

Energy consumption figures (gas,elec,total) are the average kilowatt hours per year in that area per supply meter, which will generally be per household. These are derived from Costs are in pounds per year.


LSOA positions: We use the data for population weighted centroids for 2011 available from here (type msoa into the search box!) as well as the boundary information from the same page.

LSOA energy consumption: Department for Energy and Climate Change domestic electricity and gas estimates for 2012 from here Carbon emissions per unit of energy come from here (at the Carbon Trust)

Fuel poverty data comes from here , but it is from 2010 so some areas (E0103*) are not explicitly covered as they were split after 2011 census, these have been give the value assigned to the pre-split area.

Energy costs generated by multiplying consumption by average UK price from here